For our customer’s satisfaction, AirLink counts on qualified professionals during the entire installation process, they are trained and focused on specific solutions in filtration, always seeking to provide the best assistance they are able to. Finally they ally one of the best cost-benefit in the area with a prompt efficient service.


Just as in the installation process, we offer our entire structure in the maintenance sector as well. We always prioritize our customers and successfully conclude our service, because AirLink dedicates itself the most in the manufacturing and maintenance of products directed to the high performance industry in different segments, always offering the solution your company needs by counting on experience, qualification and innovating ideas.

Our Segments

In different market segments, AirLink Filtros
products can be applied with the same quality.

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“MASSTIN ENGENHARIA E INSTALAÇÕES thanks AIRLINK FILTROS for the quality in the products and services provided.”


“We from TAM AVIAÇÃO EXECUTIVA are satisfied with the services provided by the company AIRLINK FILTROS, synonymous of quality and commitment with the customer.”

Cristiano de Oliveira Rischiotto