Breath smoothly,  AirLink Filtros is in the air!

AirLink Filtros counts on a wide variety of filters, letting customers comfortable for choosing, without limiting them by lack of options, and allowing them to get a filter that meets their requirements. It also offers the assistance of qualified professionals, having the best cost-benefit in the market and providing technical assistance not only during the filter installation, but in future maintenance processes as well, if necessary.

Our vision

Our goal is to win the recognition of the public, through the positive results of our services, as a result of our work:

  • Offering innovative products and services;
  • Being a proactive and reliable partner;
  • Attracting qualified and motivated people;
  • Having fast and efficient process;
  • Serving social responsibilities.

Our values

We work with fundamental values ​​and principles to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Ethic;
  • Transparency;
  • Professionalism;
  • Quality;
  • Innovation;
  • Partnership.

Take a look at the opinion of those who trust AirLink Filtros

“MASSTIN ENGENHARIA E INSTALAÇÕES thanks AIRLINK FILTROS for the quality in the products and services provided.”


“We from TAM AVIAÇÃO EXECUTIVA are satisfied with the services provided by the company AIRLINK FILTROS, synonymous of quality and commitment with the customer.”

Cristiano de Oliveira Rischiotto