Painel de Filtragem

Filtration Panels

The filtration panels for masonry manufactured by AirLink Filtros Model AL-PPL are used in environments, which necessity of high flows and efficiency are essential factors. Manufactured in galvanized steel sheet, they present excellent mechanic resistance.

The filter slot and fixation system is made through springs, due to their positioning, allow the installation of 1 stage (simple filtration) or 2 stages (double filtration), conferring them great versatility in the project.

The nominal dimensions do not include the fixation flange dimensions, being necessary adding 50 mm in each side to obtain the real external dimensions (tab to tab).

Filters that can be attached in the AirLink Filtros panel:

  • Metallic(G1);
  • Disposable Flats (G2 / G3 and G4);
  • Pleated Flats (G3 / G4 and F1);
  • Blanket holder with blankets (G2 / G3 / G4 and F1);
  • Multipocket (G3 / G4 / M5 / M6 / F7 / F8 and F9).



Nominal Dimensions

Maximum Flow (multipocket)

AL-PPL 1 x 1 605 x 605 x 75 mm 4.250 m3 /h
AL-PPL 2 x 1 1210 x 605 x 75 mm 8.500 m3 /h
AL-PPL 2 x 2 1210 x 1210 x 75 mm 17.000 m3 /h
AL-PPL 3 x 2 1815 x 1210 x 75 mm 25.500 m3 /h
AL-PPL 3 x 3 1815 x 1815 x 75 mm 38.250 m3 /h
AL-PPL 4 x 3 2420 x 1815 x 75 mm 51.000 m3 /h
AL-PPL 4 x 4 2420 x 2420 x 75 mm 68.000 m3 /h
AL-PPL 5 x 4 3025 x 2420 x 75 mm 85.000 m3 /h


Note: For special dimensions, modulations and flows, please consult our Technical Department.

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