Synthethic Fiber Blankets

Filtration Classes G2, G3, G4, M5 (ABNT/EN779)

The blankets in polyester synthetic fibers supplied by AirLink Filtros are produced with the most high-end technology in filter blankets manufacturing. Manufactured in successive fiber layers, with differentiated diameters, distributed in order to maintain a material with or without progressive and homogeneous density in the entire surface. This process guarantees a better performance of the product in the filtration application.

The main advantages are:

  • Low load loss;
  • Great capacity for dust retention and accumulation;
  • Longer operating life;
  • Full utilization of the filtration medium in its depth;
  • Also available with antimicrobial treatment.

The main applications:

  • Air-conditioning centrals in general;
  • Pre-filtration for fine and absolute filters;
  • Electrical panels;
  • Electrical engines air entrance;
  • Painting Booths;
  • Fan Coil.

Filtration Classes

Loss of initial load

Loss of final load

G2 (ABNT / EN779) 20 120
G3 (ABNT / EN779) 70 200
G4 (ABNT / EN779) 65 250
M5 (ABNT / EN779) 20 450


According to ABNT / EN779 of 2012, an F5 was changed to M5.

SUPPLIED: Coils or cut according to customer’s need.

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