Glass Fiber Blankets

The glass fiber blankets supplied by AirLink Filtros (model ALM-FV) are manufactured with progressive density of the fibers, which gradually retains the particles, promoting a full utilization in its thickness, guaranteeing a low rate of load loss and great durability.

The filter medium is constituted by long and continuous glass fiber yarns.

Currently, the glass fiber blanket is an alternative for paint exhausting filtration, paint stop in “dry” painting booths, therewith, without water curtains.

With great versatility, they may also be used in external air outlets in ventilation systems or pre-filtration for fine filters

The main advantages are:

  • Progressive density of the fibers, avoiding superficial saturation by paint impregnation and increasing its operating life.
  • Higher security, once it is self-extinguishing and does not propagate fire;
  • AHigh capacity of paint accumulation.

The main applications:

  • Paint mist filtration (overspray) in liquid painting installations (paint stop);
  • Oil mist filtration;
  • Ventilation systems;
  • Thick filtration in different equipment.



Thickness 60 mm (average)
Gravimetric efficiency 85%
Filtration class G3 ABNT NBR 16101 / EN779 2012
Loss of initial load 32 Pa / 3,2 mmCa
Loss of initial load 90 Pa / 9,0 mmCa


Data regarding a standard blanket, obtained under test conditions of 2,5 m/s
SUPPLIED: bobbin or cut according to the customer’s need.

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