Activated Charcoal Blankets

The activated charcoal blankets manufactured by AirLink Filtros (model ALM-CA) absorb odors, harmful, corrosive or irritating gases. Activated charcoal is the absorbent most used in air purification, in pollutants control.

Its filtering element is composed by polyester with activated charcoal micro-granules.

The activated charcoal used in manufacturing comes from coconut fibers.


The activated charcoal blankets are indicated for absorbing smoke odors (cigarettes, grease, etc.), solvents in painting installations and also chemical gases, such as chlorine in paper and cellulose industry, among other substances. For each case, a specific type of activated charcoal will be necessary, therefore, always consult the Technical Department.

The operating life of activated charcoal depends on the type and amount of compounds to be absorbed, and the time of contact with the activated charcoal (low air speed).

The utilization of pre-filtration is recommended, in order to increase the operating life.




A HIGH 25 to 50
B GOOD 15 to 25


Gases   Gases   Gases     Gases A
Amyl acetate A Aniline A Dimethylaniline A Nicotine A
Ethyl acetate A Dead animals A Dioxane A Nitrobenzene A
Vinyl acetate A Anticetics A Carbon Dioxide C Nitroglycerin A
Isopropyl acetate A Food smells A Nitrogen Dioxide C Nitropropane B
Butyl acetate A Ethyl Bromide A Dichlorotetrafluoroetha A Nitrotoluene A
Metyl acetate B Metyl Bromide B Carbon disulfide A Nitroethane B
Propyl acetate A Bromine A Ethane D Nitromethane A
Acetylene C Benzene A Amyl Ether A Octane A
Acetone B Butane C Butyl Ether A octene A
Acetic acid B Butylene C isopropyl ether B Cadaver odor B
Ácido Acrílico A Butileno A Éter Isopropílico A Odor de Cadáver A
Bromhidric acid C Camphor C Metyl Ether B Kitchen odor A
Butyric acid A cyclohexane A propyl ether A Refrigerator odor C
Carbonic acid A Ciclohexanol A Ethylbenzene A Slaughterhouse Odor A
Hydrocyanic acid A Cyclohexanone A Ethylene D Fish odor B
Chloridric acid C Butyl chloride A phenol A Blood odor A
Hydrofluoric acid C ethyl chloride A Fertilizers A Varnish odor B
Formic acid C Methyl chloride B Phosphagen B Ripe fruit Odor A
Iodidric acid B Methylene chloride B Freon 11 A Combustion odors C
lactic acida A vinyl chloride A Freon 113 A Hospital odors A
Nitric acid C Isopropyl chloride A Freon 12 A Ethylene oxide A
Palmitic acid A Propyl chloride A Formaldehyde C Decomposing paper B
A Chlorine A Cigarrete smoke A Paradichlorobenzene A
Sulfuric acid C Chlorobenzene B Asphalt gas A Pentane A
Uric acid A Chlorobutadiene A Diesel oil gases A Pentanone C
Valeric acid A Chloroform A Gasoline A Pesticide A
Ethyl Acrylate A Liquid fuel A Heptane A Propane B
Metyl acrylate A Cleaning compounds A Hexane B Propyl Mercaptan A
Acrilonitrila A Creosote A Hydrogen C Propionaldehyde B
Adhesives B Cresol A Iodine A kerosene A
Tar A Decane A Grease oil lubrificants A Turpentine A
Amylic Alcohol A Detergents A Methylcyclohexane A Carbon tetrachloride A
Butyric alcohol A Dibromobenzene A Methylcyclohexanone A Tetrachloroethylene A
Isopropyl alcohol B Dicyclopentadiene A Methyl glycol A Thiophene A
Methyl alcohol A Diciclopentadieno A Metil Glicol A Tiofeno A
Álcool Metílico B Dichlorodifluoromethane A Mercaptanes Mac. Mol. A Toluene A
Propyl Alcohol A Dichloroethane B Methylisobutylketone A trichloroethane A
Acetic Aldehyde C Dichloroethylene A Monochlorobenzene A tolueneisocyanate A
Butyl Aldehyde B Dichloronitroethane A Monofluorotrichloromethene B trichloroethylene C
Valeric Aldehyde A Dichloromonofluoromethane B Carbon Monoxide D Urea D
Ammonium D Dichloropropane A Naphtha A Vinegar B
Acetic Anhydride A Carbon disulfide A Naphthalene A Xylene A


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