Cartuchos Plissados Laváveis

Washable Pleated Cartridges for Water Filters

The washable pleated filter cartridges possess a longer durability and offer excellent efficiency of performance in applications that need high flows with quality and with low operational cost.

This line is constituted by pleated synthetic or polypropylene fiber filtering mediums, which promote high capacity of particles remotion and may be used as pre-filter for fluids at the grid water entrance point, next to the hydrometer or even in the water storage entrance. They are used in different applications.

Technical information:

  • Application: Used for particles filtration and retention;
  • Height: 10″, 20″;
  • Intern Diameter: 28mm;
  • External Diameter: 2 ½” or 4 ½”;
  • Filtration degree: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50;
  • Maximum temperature: 60°C;
  • Material: Polypropylene or pleated polyester.


  • Washable;
  • High efficiency in particles retention;
  • Longer operating life and lower filtration cost;
  • High flows allied to low load losses;
  • Indicated for pre-filtration in filters with higher efficiency and more elevated cost;
  • Used in different applications.






AL-A/PL 10″ X 2,5″ 1200 L/H Δp 4 kgf/cm² 52 ºC
AL-A/PL 20″ X 2,5″ 1800 L/H Δp 4 kgf/cm² 52 ºC
AL-A/PL 10″ X 4,5″ 3000 L/H Δp 4 kgf/cm² 52 ºC
AL-A/PL 20″ X 4,5″ 6000 L/H Δp 4 kgf/cm² 52 ºC


OBS: Whenever other models are needed, it is possible to contact our technical consultants.

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