Filtro de Ar Porta Manta

Blanket Carrying Air Filters

Filtration classes G2/G3/G4/M5 (ABNT)

The blanket carrying air filters, manufactured by AirLink Filtros Model AL-PM, substitute the conventional filters cardboarded with cardboard frames. This alternative is very economic for thick filtering installations, allowing the exchange of the filtering element only after its saturation, reducing the operational cost of maintenance and disposal.

100% manufactured in galvanized steel with support screen in the air exit, also in the stainless and aluminium options.

For using the blankets, Filtration classes G2, G3, G4, M5, according to current standards ABNT NBR 16101/EN779 2012.

The main applications:

  • Air conditioning centrals in general
  • Ventilation systems in general;
  • Pre-filtration for fine and absolute filters;
  • Electrical engines air entrance;
  • Painting booths.

Dimensions mm


Thickness 25 a 50 mm Velocity 2,5 M/S
400 × 400 1165
400 × 500 1490
500 × 500 1900
500 × 600 2320
600 × 600 2820


Data regarding standard filters obtained under test conditions with 2.5 m/s air velocity

OBS: For manufacturing in other measures, consult our technical commercial department.

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