Caixilho para Filtro


The frames manufactured by AirLink Filtros have been designed for thick, medium and fine filters installation, being manufactured with or without seal and possess 4 fixation springs to guarantee the sealing of the filters used on it. The may also be manufactured in different dimensions.

The frame can attach 1 or 2 filtration stages

Filters that can be attached to AirLink Filtros frames:

  • Metallic (G1);
  • Disposable flats (G2 / G3 and G4);
  • Pleated flats (G3/G4 and F1);
  • Blanket holder with blankets (G2/G3/G4 and F1);
  • Multipocket (G3/G4/M5/M6/F7/F8 and F9).

OBS.: They can be produced in galvanized steel, with epoxy or stainless steel 304 painting.



Nominal Dimensions

AL-CX 1 x 1 605 x 605 x 75 mm
AL-CX 1 x 1 305 x 605 x 75 mm
AL-CX 1 x 1 505 x 505 x 75 mm
AL-CX 1 x 1 505 x 605 x 75 mm


Nota: For special dimensions, please consult our Technical Department.

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